Optimize and improve our client service and website using different tools to analyze behaviors of their visitors and users.


With Taskrunner I worked with optimizing our client webpage by mostly using HotJar and Google Analytics. With HotJar we used heat maps and recordings to see where people clicked and how they moved around the site.

Got certified in Google Analytics and then used Google Analytics mostly for segmentation to look into a user’s flow for a specific task, analyze funnels and that goals have been configured correctly etc. Also did a Sitespeed test of the site to find things to improve for better ranking on Google.

We had repetitive meetings with our client and shared our thoughts. Thru our finding we wrote a final report and presented it to our client.


My biggest learning from this project was to be able to work with Google Analytics. Also that building a good relationship with your client is key. That having a good collaboration with your client and truly understanding their needs will build trust which will give you and your client a better final result.


Teamwork, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Client collaboration and presentation

Due to a non-disclosure agreement, unfortunately details can’t be shared. Contact me if you want to know more about the project or the outcome.