Launch a service that generates (passive) income (or that has the potential to do so)


After a lot of ideating and researching we found out that there was no easy tool out there that could visualize data as a story. That catches the attention of the audience, that have the potential to be customized if you know code and of course make people understand your message.

After ideating we discussed the product:

  • What is it that we are building?
  • For whom is this useful for? Just so we are all on the same track.

We divided us into roles and I got to work with the UX and design.

My first mission was to research who are the potential users for this product and build 3 personas. After that I focused on our personas needs:

  • What do they want to use our product for?
  • Why would they like to use our product?
  • How are the going to use it?

After that we sketched and made a costumer journey how users is going to use our product.

After this I made mockups of the different stages in our platform using Sketch and made some user testing to some people that I thought could be potential users of our product in the future

With these methods we were able to find a lot of gaps that we had missed during the ideation part and made us rethink and change a lot of stuff.


First, since I’m very passionate about the human interaction with computer and tech. This project felt very satisfying that I got to work and practice the UX stuff that was associated with this project. I spent a lot of time learning Sketch and also interesting to see the possibilities of what you can create with D3.


Sketch, Ideation, D3, UX Research, Building personas, Wireframing, User testing

Feel free to try our service and visit http://talegraph.io/