The goal with this project was to create a website that could draw 1000 unique visitors under a 3 month period of time.


We started with ideation and ended up with that we wanted to build a platform where people could share and trade plants. The service was named Sproutify and works on Instagram but we also created a website, mainly for marketing purposes, how it works and a little about our vision.

The site was built with HTML, CSS and Javascript and uses a API to fetch images from our Sproutify Instagram account.

I also took a look on the website structure for a SEO perspective. That included to write a list of keywords we thought we might need. Then used keywordtool.io to broaden our words and I looked into Google’s own Keyword Planner to see average amount of searches for a keyword in Google. With my findings I edited the text on the page to suit our visitors needs.

I did a Sitespeed test of out site to find things to improve for better ranking on Google. Optimized title text, heading’s, URL’s. Adding meta description to our pages so that it suited the page. Also adding alt-tags to images and images got title tags.


My learnings thru this project was mainly building a website by using of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Understanding the advantage of using APIs. Learnt a lot thru researching for information about competitors and know-how about the plant/gardening market.


HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ideating, Teamwork, Javascript, API, SEO, GitHub

The site sproutify.se was taken down 2018 and is no longer reachable.