Kitten’s Cup


Build and launch a product or service and working in an agile manner.


With this project we chose to build a online game. My role within this project was to be our group’s agile coach focusing on the structure within the team, how we should structure our work, providing my team with tools and challenge them so they could work as effective as possible.

In the beginning we set up a P.O.D (point-of-departure) to discuss and visualise our goals within the project and what is success and failure to us etc.


We used a SCRUM board and during our 5 week project we did 2 sprints. Before each sprint we had a sprint planning meeting to set up: what needed to be done, which items are the most important to the project, definition of done, how to limit work in progress etc.

I facilitated daily stand up/meetings to discuss what every team member had done the previous day, what he or she will do during the day and if there is any obstacles he or she faces.

At the end of each sprint we had a sprint review meetings and discussed what we accomplished during the sprint concerning the product. We also had a retrospective meeting where we discussed and reflected upon the process. For instance
what went good within this sprint?
what can we improve and start doing for next sprint?
What should we stop doing?


My learning from this project was that with the SCRUM methodology a team can be very high effective. By working in iterations we were able to to see what we needed to change and quickly make a change and improve our work. Also very satisfying to have a MVP, functional product at a very early stage.


Leadership, Teamwork, Agile methodology, SCRUM,

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