Building top-of- mind and a stronger relationship, to increase the lifetime value of a customer. Setting up a target and retargeting plan for the right audience.


We worked in team and divided our responsibilities and work. Mainly I worked with research and creating personas to see whom to target. With Google Analytics we were able to get insights and se our client demographic. With my findings I created a couple of personas and we did costumer journeys to see whats relevant fot them and at which moment they are likely to convert. I also looked in to Adwords and used the research I had done to set up an Adwords campaign.wokshop


Biggest learnings from this project was understand and how to use Google Adwords, Facebook ads and setting up an email marketing campaign. This was one of the first projects where I got to work and think as a UX designer/researcher and focusing more on the individuals we were targeting.


Adwords, Strategic Planning, Email Marketing, Research and building Personas

Due to a non-disclosure agreement, unfortunately details can’t be shared. Contact me if you want to know more about the project or the outcome.